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great expectations

Explain how “toadies and humbugs" applies to the Pockets in Great Expectations.  


The Pockets are Miss Havisham's relatives. Every year on her birthday they rock up at Satis House, ostensibly to wish the old girl many happy returns, but in actual fact to suck up to her so she doesn't forget them in her will. As well as being somewhat eccentric, Miss Havisham is also incredibly rich, so it makes sense for the Pockets to get on her good side.

Now she may be a little odd, but Miss Havisham's nobody's fool; she can see right through the Pockets and their little game. She knows they only suck up to her because they want to get their greedy, grasping hands on her cash. And she knows that their professions of concern for her wellbeing are just so much humbug, that is to say false talk. It's the same word used in the same context by another of Dickens's unforgettable characters, Ebenezer Scrooge in A Christmas Carol.

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