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walk two

Explain the importance of setting in Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech particularly as it affects the characters.


The settings in Walk Two Moons are several. The primary setting frames the others, which are the result of narrative flashbacks into fragmented time. The framing setting is the ever changing surroundings of the road trip that Sal has embarked on in order to find out what happened to her mother. Within this frame, flashbacks introduce the farm, in Bybanks, Kentucky, where she has thus far grown up and where she lived happily with her mother and father; her grandparents town, Euclid, Ohio, where her father moves them after his wife fails to return from her trip; various places within the town that are part of Sal's narrative flashbacks, which give insight into Sal's thoughts and character; and nature, which is where Sal begins to learn the depth of her identity.

On the trip, Sal learns about Gram and Gramps as they tell their own stories and react to her stories and questions. Sal is introduced on the road to the various lessons she has to learn on her coming of age journey. The town flashbacks provide more insight into Sal's character and problems and provide friends and situations that help explain the situation Sal herself is in. Nature is a critically important setting because Sal learns to identify with and embrace as a part of her self the traditions and wisdom of her heritage and of the past her mother was seeking when she started her quest.

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