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Explain the interlocution between Nick Adams & Anderson in The Killers.


The interlocution between Nick Adams and Ole Andreson is spare and static. It doesn't change anything in the story and only contributes to the overall feeling of dread that began when the two killers announce that they're there to kill Ole Andreson.

When Nick arrives at the boardinghouse to warn Andreson about the two killers from Chicago, the man isn't shocked. He doesn't even respond at first. He doesn't rise from where he's laying on the bed. He accepts the news as if he was expecting it and doesn't have an emotional reaction.

The entire exchange is Nick asking Andreson if he will do something to protect himself and Andreson insisting he won't. He says he's done running. He says the police can't help. He says that he doesn't want to do anything about it. He says it's not a bluff. The only thing he's done is not gone to dinner; he says he can't make himself leave the room.

When Nick leaves, Andreson shows gratitude but his last words to Nick still lack emotion or any indication of the gravity of the situation. He says:

"So long," said Ole Andreson. He did not look toward Nick. "Thanks for
coming around."

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