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Explain the Life Cycle of a Butterfly without explaining it scientifically. Explain the cycle using other words, not the terms that is usually used in...


I answered your question in a creative way, via a poem. If further clarification is needed, please contact me. Since you did not want it explained in creative terms, I thought it would be interesting to take a poetic look at the life cycle of the butterfly.

Egg into Baby

Mother places baby

on a leaf, as a wee egg.

Baby and leaf are one

as baby grows.

Baby soon acquires numerous toes.

Blessed with stripes or patches,

baby grows and grows-

baby sheds and grows

four times, perhaps more.

In winter, baby hides in a shell;

tucked inside, a new birth begins as well.

New parts begin to form,

ready when weather begins to warm.

Baby becomes butterfly,

no longer worm nor egg.

In hopes to fly off

and start process again.

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