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Explain management of data processing systems in business organizations?


Data processing systems comprise the interaction of people, processes, and equipment to generate usable information from raw data. Thus, data processing system management involves the administration of the people and equipment aspects of the system including all the processes outlined as follows:

Data conversion—changing the data into the required format that can be processed.

Data cleanup—removing irregularities in the data before processing.

Organizing—categorizing the data into sets/groups.

Analysis—discovering and generating valuable information from the data.

Reporting—presenting the information.

Management of the different aspects of the data processing system involves planning where resources necessary in the system are allocated to the different functions. Management also includes the process of organizing all the functions to ensure seamless operation of the system. Control is an oversight role of management and ensures that the data processing system works as expected and delivers the output required. Control also ensures that any issues affecting the system are realized and addressed.

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