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Explain to me why management is considered to be a science as well as an art?   whyit is as a science as well as an art


Management includes fields such as computer science, political science, operations research, statistics, economics, mathematics, and many more. All of these fields are highly scientific.

Management is the art and science of making people more effective. Doing so takes a certain amount of skill on many levels. The art aspect of it is getting people to be more effective than they were without you, and the science aspect of it is how you actually got them to achieve the goals you wanted them to achieve, or how you were able to get them to reach that level of effectiveness.

Management takes a lot of planning and organization. Goals must be set and there needs to be a systematic plan set in place to get these goals turned into realities. This is very scientific. People need to be pointed in the right direction and monitored for progress.

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