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jury her peers

Write a paragraph explaining how women are being marginalized in society by men in "A Jury of Her Peers".


The women are marginalised by the men and society in the story. it is important to note that this is so clearly seen that the reader identifies with the skill of the women in their careful reconstruction of the dismal life of Minnie Wright and their insight into the world of the farmer's wife at this time. The men assume that the women are ignorant and they do not see the value in the women's depth of knowledge of a life (that of Minnie) which men do not understand -

 '"But would the women know a clue if they did come upon it?" 

There is a primitive air to the proximity of the characters which implies that society has not moved on from its gender divisions  since early times  -

 'The men went over to the stove. The women stood close together by the door.'

The men are associated with fire, work and knowledge. The women are sneered at for their understanding of 'kitchen things' and the domestic dudgery of Minnie's life. It is through their clear understanding and perception - and the lack of empathy and appreciation on the side of the men - which leads to the solving of the crime and the greatest marginalisation of the whole story. The women break the law to defend one of their own. Their fear is that she will not be tried by 'a jury of her peers' as women were not part of the judicial process. This results in the women creating their own system by which Minnie is judged.

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