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art and culture

How is slow lyrical dance of the main characters in the ballet?
What rhymes can you find for the word bus?
Who sings the song Really captivated me with your truth?
Who directed the movie Django unchained?
Who is the author of the words And the sliver sometimes hides happiness?
Who was Fyodor Bondarchuk in the film Down house?
What in the story After the ball resembled the main character of Varya?
How is a Russian polyphonic song?
What movies starred Sergey Zakharov?
How old was Sergei Zakharov?
Where to watch the premiere of new clip of Dima Bilan the Ocean?
Why in the song Chayldisha Gambino is a hidden meaning?
Who plays the role of Dr. IDO in the movie ”Alita: Battle angel”?
What do you know about the biography and work of N. Nekrasov?
Who sings this song and the lyrics sonnet?
What actress played the lead female role in the movie the Crush ...?
The Series "Magomayev". Who plays the main role. What is known about the performers?
Why writer simasko name is Maurice?
How is the main artwork of A. S. Makarenko?
Musical theatre Ivanhoe where? How to get there?
Puppet theatre Albatross in Moscow where? How to get there?
What is the nurse called the Lady with the lamp?
What exhibitions are planned in the Tretyakov gallery in 2019?
Sergey Shnurov wrote poems about the shame of Bera and friends. Where can I read it?
Where on the Internet you can watch a movie a Billion and what is this film about?
What are the Soviet films about Ancient Rome,Ancient Greece?
here is my Boldino autumn, Michael and Caucasus... Who is the author?
In the beginning of the film Hello Dolly! distributes the heroine of Barbra Streisand?
Who is the author of these wise lines?
What Gods were the ancient Slavs?
What are the Soviet films about Ancient Rome,Ancient Greece?
Hugh Laurie is so fine plays piano like Dr. house?
Died Decl?
Film Synonyms (2019) - what the what the reviews, when is the premiere in Russia?
What is the plot of the film Navada Lapide Synonyms?
Statue of a Russian ballerina crowns the dome of the theatre "Victoria Palace?
Why the demise of the decl caused BV more questions than the death of the Jurassic?
What musical groups were named after women?
When in Russia girl thanked, if it was called "infection"?
A group of Freedom-jazz. Who composed what is known? In what genre are?
Freedom-jazz – Cupidon, what song? Where to read the translation?
Shevchuk of the group DDT - baritone or tenor?
The London fogs did not exist until they invented the art.Who is the author?
How is the second famous work of Homer in addition the Odyssey?
You like transmission of Legends of the Soviet investigation on a TV Star and see?