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Whether it is correct that at people of 23 chromosomes from dad 23 from mom and 1 from god? ​
URGENTLY the BIOLOGY PLEASE Where eukariot contains in cages DNA? A.V to cytoplasm. B.V kernel. V.V ribosomes. G.V mitochondrions. D.V plastids. E.V Golgi's complex.
All listed below concepts are used for the description of poison of a toad - aha. Define two vypadyushchy signs from the general list: 1) Poison of milky-white color is produced by parotid glands 2) Poison contains konotoksin 3) only mature individuals 4 Are poisonous) Poison influences mainly heart and nervous system 5) For poisoning of rather simple contact with juice.
establish the correct sequence of geographical spheres on the earth. Since the smallest. 1) biosphere 2) hydrosphere 3) lithosphere 4) noosphere 5) atmosphere
To calculate frequencies of alleles in the population consisting of 60 individuals of three different genotypes – AA, Aa, aa – if the number of individuals with a genotype of AA is equal 20, with a genotype of Aa – 30 and with a genotype aa – 10.
Please count, please!! I will give 75 points. It is necessary to paint in detail!:: The 3rd question - you found herd of hoofed animals on other party of a watering place. And the young lion rushed competing in speed with the friend to them, but they did not notice the lying log, namely a crocodile and were run on it. The crocodile wakes up and begins to chase young lions. Fortunately reservoir not deep. How do you arrive? (you lioness):: The 5th question - during the first hunting you took away young lions to a watering place. But there was a buffalo. He did not like your presence and he runs on you. What will you make? (you lioness):: The 6th question. - You have to show to young lions during their training as they have to hunts. What will you make? (you lioness):: 7, a decisive question - you and 2 young lions on a watering place. Behind the adult, lonely male approaches you. Young lions notice him and publish silent roars. The lion does not maintain and rushes on young lions. What will you make? (you are a lioness)
how all parts of this bacterial cage are called? tell me please!!! ​
Carbohydrates, proteins and lepila, properties and functions ​
It is NECESSARY URGENTLY (the WRONG OTVET-BAN) Define from what elements of a neyrula the following structures of vertebrate animals develop: A) thyroid gland; B) stomach epithelium; C) fatty tissue; D) veins.
At a tomatovokrask of fruits the form of fruits – interaction of two other alleles is defined by interaction of two alleles. When crossing plants with orange pear-shaped fruits in F1 sostavilioranzhevy fruits, other half - red and yellow (equally), and among yellow an okrugluyuforma 50 fruits, pear-shaped – 100, extended – 50 had a half of a harvest. How to learn skolkotomat (pieces) in F1 was krasnykhokrugly? ​
1. What general signs of protozoa?
1. Give definition of a concept "a food pyramid ". 2. Explain concepts "a power pyramid ", "a biomass pyramid " VERY MUCH I THANK IN ADVANCE
It is known that certain conditions are necessary for development of sprouts. Sofya decided to find out a role of one of such conditions, having made experiment with seal of seeds to the soil. On a box bottom she filled a soil layer 4 cm thick and put previously wetted haricot seed. Then over it filled one more soil layer 4 cm thick and put two seeds of haricot. So it did three more times, and it put the last seed on the surface of the soil. Within two weeks she regularly watered the soil in a box and monitored development of sprouts. Sofya displayed results of the experience in the drawing. What influence of a factor on development of sprouts illustrates this experience?
Root system at coniferous: 1) core 2) consists of rhizoids 3) mochkovaty 4) is absent
tamyr zharatylysht kanday kyzmat atkarat? ​
State an okoloplodnik, arrangement and number of seeds at a camomile garden?
Bony fishes. Features of the external and internal building. Please count, than you can
Please count in biology, urgently! What sciences allocate in biology depending on a research object? Make the scheme illustrating the place of biology in the system of other sciences.
to have supperto have breakfast to leave to liketo live. they need to be written at first so l you he she it we you they. And then interrogative and negative to a form ​
what is foot? and why it is necessary? ​
How to learn how many at the person of bones? ​
1. How is called individual development of an organism from formation of a zygote until the end of life? 2. How the period from the birth until the end of life is called? 3. As the germ with three germinal leaves is called: Ektodermy, entodermy and mesoderm? (the answer of a glastul does not approach) 4. What types of a post-embryonal development are known to you? 5. In what advantages of development with metamorphosis?
the most widespread diseases at dogs ​
1. How to learn how many autosomes in cages of a root chekhlik of a chrysanthemum if in a semyazachatka only 144 chromosomes? ​
What functions of hyphas of a mushroom? • What is gribokoren?
By fall on fruit-trees fruits (apples and pears) ripen. Define what chemical element promotes increase in sugar content and accumulation of oils in seeds of these fruit-trees. A) To C) N of C)P D)N2 E) Fe
Please count please Thanks in advance!
how to calculate morganida? Formula! ​
The abstract on a subject: Main vital signs of plants. Biology ​
Task 1. Give signs of anemogamous plants. Task 2 Give examples of monoecious plants. Task 3. Flowers of nasekomoopylyaemy plants have the following signs: …
Answer to questions. 1. What is viruses, features of the organization? 2. Phage, life cycle of phages. 3. Viruses are causative agents of diseases of living organisms. 4. To characterize levels of the organization of live matter. 5. To characterize properties of living systems. Add the correct answer. The proteinaceous layer surrounding the genetic device of viruses is called ....
Establish what the observed phenomena in life of plants ​ are connected with
Tell how chemical elements influence teeth and bones: fluorine, calcium, phosphorus and another. How to settle their contents what needs to be bought or what to undertake for this purpose? It seems someone said that excess of fluorine - it is bad, and excess of calcium - it is quite good. Please, explain with the most clear language and how to fight and prevent the diseases connected with teeth, bones. The one who will explain most everything in detail I will give "the best answer "
Tell about hormones and neurotransmitters: what they influence, the chemical nature how to support them in defined a stake Vakh (can, some exercises, food or still that), what influence (for example whether react to light or to sounds and other), the mechanism of their action. Also in what neurotransmitters differ from hormones. Please, describe everything detailed, I will be very grateful. The fullest answer will receive "the best answer ". Thank you in advance!
1. To inorganic substances of a cage otnosyatsya1) fats 2) proteins 3) nucleinic acids 4) voda2. Glucose is monomer: 1) hemoglobin 2) glycerin 3) glycogen 4) adrenalina3. What function is performed by carbohydrates in a cage? 1) catalytic 2) energeticheskuyu3) storage of hereditary information 4) participation in biosynthesis belka4. In a cage the lipids, unlike carbohydrates, carry out funktsiyu1) power 2) structural 3) reserving 4) regulyatornuyu5. Molecules consist of amino acids: 1) proteins 2) of carbohydrates 3) lipids 4) DNK6. At fall of temperature activity fermentov1) 2 increases) not izmenyaetsya3) 4 slows down) at first slows down, then uvelichivayetsya7. What function is performed in a molecule DNA cage? 1) construction 2) zashchitnuyu3) carrier of hereditary information 4) absorption of energy solar sveta8. Is not a part of nucleotides of RNA: 1) adenine 2) guanine 3) uracil 4) timin9. Synthesis of molecules ATP in a cage can happen in: 1) mitochondrions and chlorolayers 2) kernel and ribosomakh3) Golgi's device and lysosomes 4) chromosomes and yadryshke10. How to learn how many molecules ATP are formed at oxygen-free splitting of glucose? 1) 38 2) 43) 2 4) 3611. Viruses can breed. 1) Only in a cell of the owner 2) By simple deleniya3) Only a sexless way 4) Only sexually. 12. The role of the cellular theory in science is that it: 1) explained the mechanism of evolution 2) revealed a role of a kernel and chromosomes in kletke3) revealed value of organic matter in a cage 4) described organelles kletki13. To cage organelles otnosyatsya1) hormones 2) lysosomes 3) enzymes 4) vitaminy14. In Golgi's device are formed: 1) lysosome 2) ribosomes 3) chlorolayers 4) mitokhondrii15. Digestion of food particles and removal of the undigested remains happens in a cage with pomoshchyyu1) the device Goldzhi3) lizosom2) endoplasmic seti4) ribosom16. Hereditary information contains in cages of bacteria in: 1) ring DNA 2) cytoplasm 3) kernel 4) ribosomakh17. In cells of the person and animals as a power source ispolzuyutsya1) hormones and vitamins 2) water and carbonic gaz3) inorganic substances 4) proteins, fats and uglevody18. Final products of oxidation of organic matter: 1) ATP and water 2) oxygen and carbonic gaz3) water and carbon dioxide 4) ATP and oxygen
1. Establish compliance between the building, function of substance and its look. The BUILDING AND FUNCTION of the LOOK) consist of the remains of molecules of glycerin and fatty acids 1) lipidyb) consist of the remains of molecules of amino acids 2) belkiv) protect an organism from pereokhlazhdeniyag) protect an organism from alien veshchestvd) have to a renaturatsiyeya) carry out reserving funktsiyu2. Choose the structures and functions relating to a cage kernel. A) Has a two-membrane cover with poramib) Is responsible for synthesis of ATFV) Stores hereditary information and participates in it peredacheg) Contains a kernel in which gather ribosomyd) Carries out processes plastic and power to an obmenaa) Neutralizes disintegration products in kletke3. Write out the letters designating elements of the right answer on a question: what does the cage of bacteria differ from an animal cage in? A) existence external membranyb) absence yadrav) absence tsitoplazmyg) existence dense obolochkid) absence the mitokhondriya) contents organic veshchestvchto knows of the internal structure and functions of mitochondrions?
The father the Persian cat of a tin color (Feature of "Persians" of so-called tin coloring is the hair of white color, with the sites shaded black — usually on paws and a back. As well as at a chinchilla, at a tin cat, fur with color tips, but more dense color. Eyes of color of copper, characteristic of "Persians".) manut mother with green eyes. The paternal grandmother the Persian a chinchilla with green eyes. What probability that the kitten will inherit the sizes of a manul and green eyes, a fatherly color?
Please count the paper, the project vitamin C in a food allowance I GIVE 700 points!
mathematics but not biology sorriiz two settlements between which distance of 72 km, at the same time towards two cyclists each other left. They met cherez3 hour. What is the speed of the second cyclist equal to if the speed of the first cyclist is equal to 13 km/h? A) 19 km/h C) 20 km/h of C) 21 km / часD) 22 km/h ​
Children Please count a pozhaluystabuda the pomozhetesobaka (French bulldog) ​ is strongly very grateful if
what does biogeotsenotichesky (ecosystem) level differ from biotsenotichesky in?
What additional conditions are necessary for the correct development of roots? (Specify not less than two conditions). ​
at what wood plants the shortened stalk?
1. What do animals differ from other zhivykhorganizm in? ​
5. At birds develops perozis – the disease connected with defeat of the kostnogoskelet at a shortcoming: A) yodav) nikelyas) zhelezad) boraa) manganese ​