What would be considered a cash cow or star for St. Jude's Children's Hospital?
What is an entrepreneur?
What are the advantages of using email over a traditional business letter?
Usefulness of income elasticity of demand to a manager
"Understanding organizational behavior has never been more important for managers. Because of the dramatic changes now taking place in organizations—the competitive environment, the ageing process,...
"Two years ago, jeans were priced at 72 dollars and 121,000 units were sold. Last year, the price was lowered to 68 and sales increased to 132,000.1. Estimate the value of the demand elasticity...
True or false:An increase in nominal GDP will always result in increases in real GDP.Increases in a positive GDP gap are associated with increases in the unemployment rate.
In today's economy, with today's interest rates, should non-profit organizations use the time value of money?
Is time-series decomposition always the most accurate forecasting method to use when you are introducing a new product?
These business ethics questions are related to 3 methods:  "utilitarian," "libertarian," and "kant's."1. Thoroughly explain how a utilitarian would resolve the following dilemma and what a...
There are three leading economic indicators, Economic Growth rate (%∆ in Real Gross Domestic Product or %∆RGDP), Inflation Rate (%∆CPI), and Unemployment Rate (U). The target for US Economy...
To be a successful entrepreneur it requires willingness to what?
St Jude Children's Research Hospital is a non-profit organization.  What does their Activity Statement, aka the income statement, say?
Sometimes the government does not act as a producer of goods and services but still influences private producers. Explain how it might do this?
Are there any similarities between the characteristics demanded of an entrepreneur and those demanded of a professional athlete?
Discuss a significant decision made by a major company that has some ethical implications associated with it.
Should the United States focus on paying off the national debt? Why or why not?
Regardless of high petrol price, the demand for cars in Malaysia is still very high.  Explain three factors that could cause this situation.
Questiona..Petrol remains affordable because it is subsidized by the government. Using an appropriate diagram, illustrate and explain the effect...
Is the purpose of a management course to teach students about management or to be managers?
A proposed new investment has projected sales of $833,000. Variable costs are 54 percent of sales, and fixed costs are $187,280; depreciation is $95,000. Assume a tax rate of 40 percent....
If price rises, what happens to demand for a product?
Please suggest for me some research areas in banking. I am an undergraduate in Finance.
Please answer the following questions about subsidies and supply.a..Petrol remains affordable because it is subsidized by the government. using an appropriate diagram, illustrate and...
The New York Stock Exchange is a in New York City.  Where is the NASDAQ Exchange located?  What city can we find it in?  After all, these exchanges are vital to our U.S. economy.
I need some examples of economic decisions made by individual, family and the country.
As Chief Information Officer, write a complaint letter to the telecommunication company you'd contracted regarding their installation of the company's network. Describe your complaints regarding the...
The MEZCOPH substance abuse clinic has a cash flow problem. Your consulting firm has been hired to help fix the problem, but clinic management wants to know your approach before sharing their...
Is mass marketing a viable way to grow a brand?
Does marketing help consumers or use them?
If the market demand for a product increases, what will happen to production price and production cost?
Margaret Whitman is an American business executive. What makes her the exemplar of good leadership?
Many Americans regularly drive their own cars to work rather than use public transportation or form a car pool.(a) How do you know that each...
Management viewpoints evolve over time.  These include the management of human behavior in organizations, the key goals of organizations, the types of problems faced within organizations, and the...
Does the low level of unemployment indicate that the labor market is in good shape?
List the steps for building internally consistent compensation systems.
Is the invisible hand theory relevant in the 21st century?
If inventory "turns" every 4 months, how many turns occur in a year?
Do international institutions promote or redress inequalities between the wealth of nations?
Insecurity is the price of globalization. Is it worth paying?
The Index of Sustainable Economic Welfare (ISEW) has been proposed as an alternative to a country’s Gross National Product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). What is the effect of using that...
Identify three stakeholder groups in your country who may benefit from allowing the XYZ corporation to build the factory.
Identify the appropriate steps in the communication process.
How can your write a "bad news" letter to your employees? What's an example?
How would you manage the costs associated with a value-creation activity? How do costs of operations relate to the strategy of the organization?