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At dissolution of 25 g of copper vitriol (CuSO4•5H2O) in water it was received by 20% - it salt solution. Added the crushed mix to this solution, with iron oxide (|||) weighing 6.4 g. Define a mass fraction of sulfate of copper (| |) in the received solution.
Finish uravneniyakhimicheskikhreaktion: + = SN = SN +Br2 = Please consider C2H2 H2 please ​
SROCHNOYESLI to fill in a test tube of a little black powder of oxide of copper (II), to flow acetic acid and to heat, blue solution of acetate of copper (II) is formed. Work out the necessary equation of reaction and calculate the amount of coefficients in the equation. write down the answer in the form of an integer
Write the equations of reactions by means of which it is possible to carry out the following transformations: CH4 → CH3Cl → CH3OH → NSON – HCOOH → CO2
you pomgit, please, chemistry the 10th class
How from aldehydes it is possible to receive carbonic acid?
URGENTLY!!! A task IN CHEMISTRY!!! I GIVE 20 B.!! Obchisl_t about’ ¾m to an amon_ak, yakiya to utvoritsya at vza¾mod і ї 300 l vodnyu z by nitrogen, yakshcho vikh_d to a product reakts і ї become 20%.
A2 the Covalent polar bond has 1) P4, 2) Substance O2, 3)K2O, 4)H2O.A3 from atomic crystal reshetkoy1) gaseous under normal conditions 2) carry electric current in fusions and rastvorakh3) fragile and fusible 4) very firm and tugoplavkiyea4 Substances which formulas H2 and H3PO4 are sootvetstvenno1) simple substance and acid, 2) amphoteric oxide and acid, 3) acid oxide and acid 4) the main oxide and osnovaniyema5 at the room temperature happens To the largest speed hydrochloric acid i1) lead 2) zinc 3) magnesium 4) zhelezaa6 In SO2 system (gas) + Cl2 (gas) ↔ SO2Cl2 (gas) + Q chemical balance is displaced to the right at 1) increase in temperature 2) reduction davleniya3) increases in concentration of chlorine 4) reduction of concentration of SO2A7 At dissolution in 270 g of water of sulfate of potassium solution with a mass fraction of salt of 10% was received. The mass of the dissolved K2SO4 is equal to 1) 30 g 2) 60 g 3) 45 g 4) 50ga8 during reaction With + = CO2 + 402 kJ were allocated to O2 1206 kJ of heat. The mass of the coal which burned down at the same time is equal: 1) 72 g 2) 36 g 3) 7.2 g 4) 108 g
Answer questions. PLEASE SROChNO1. Chemical means of protection of plants. 2. Negative consequences of use of pesticides and fight against them. 3. Chemicalixation of livestock production.4. Protection of flora and fauna from chemical pollution.
Establish to B2 compliance between initial substances and products their vzaimodeystviyaREAGIRUYuShchiy SUBSTANCES the REAKTsIIA PRODUCTS) Ca(OH)2 1) CaO + N2B) Ca(OH)2 + H2S 2) CaSO3 + H2OB) Ca(OH)2 + H2SO4 3) CaO + N2OG) Ca(OH)2 + SO3 4) CaSO4 + H2O5) the CAS + 2H2O6) + 2H2OB4 Establish to CaSO4 compliance between a formula of salt and the product which is formed on the inert cathode at electrolysis of its water rastvoraFORMUL of SALT the PRODUCT ON KATODEA) K2SO4 1) CB) BaCl2 2) BaV) Fe(NO3)3 3) N2G) Cu Cl2 4) Fe and H25) Cu6) Fe
To calculate a caption and molar concentration of potassium hydroxide if on titration of 20 ml of the solution received by dissolution of 1.26 g of oxalic acid in a measured flask on 100 ml. 18.50 ml of caustic potassium are spent. ​
Natural silk can be distinguished from synthetic fabric as follows...
C1 Carry out transformations. → ZnO → Zn → ZnCl2 → Zn(OH) 2 → K2 [Zn (OH) 4]C2 Balance ZnS by method of electronic balance: H2S + KMnO4 →S + MnO2 + H2O +KOH
1. Where metals in the Periodic Table of D.I. Mendeleyev are located? 2. What features of the structure of atoms of metals? 3. In what difference in the structure of external power level at metals and nonmetals? 4. How to learn how many external electrons have atoms of metals of the main and secondary subgroups? 5. In what forms can metals be in the nature? 6. How the crystal lattice of metals is arranged? 7. What physical properties of metals? 8. How it is possible to receive metals from their connections? 9. How do atoms of metals in chemical reactions and why behave? 10. What properties – oxidizers or reducers – show metals in chemical reactions? 11. Tell about electrochemical series of metals.12. List reactions which metals.13 can enter. What value of metals in human life? 14. What is corrosion? 15. Ways of protection against corrosion?
How does the person use chemical knowledge for maintaining health?
Please count srochnochto is called standard electric potential? on what factors does it depend? ​
24. Call the most widespread in the nature limit uglevodorod1) butane 2) paraffin 3) methane 4) mazut25. When receiving saturated hydrocarbons on reaction … length of the uglerodnogoskelet increases: 1) hydrogenation 2) cracking 3) Vyurtsa 4) dekarboksilirovaniye26. Specify intermediate substance at synthesis of butane on skhemeetan → X → butane: 1) isobutane 2) butene – 2 3) ethylene 4) brometan27. What equation describes reaction of cyclopropane with bromine: 1) With 3H6 + Br2 → With 3H 5Br + NVr 2)C 3H6 + 9Br2 → 3CBr4 + 6HBr3) C 3H6 + Br2 → With 3H 4Br2 + H2 4)C 3H6 + Br2 → C 3H 6Br228. When cracking saturated hydrocarbon, mix of the two-hydrocarbons containing identical amount of atoms of carbon was formed. Mix density to a povodorod is equal to 28.5. Call the equation krekinga1) C 4H8 + C 4H10 → C 8H18 2)C 8H18 → C 4H8 + C 4H103)C 8H 18 → C 3H6 + C 5H12 4)C 8H18 → (S N 3)2 + 4H229. Are characteristic of unsaturated hydrocarbons reaktsii1) accession 2) zameshcheniye3) hydrolysis 4) eterifikatsii30. The half-life period of a brometan on the equation With 2H of 5Br → C 2H4 + to NVr prinekotory temperature is equal to 30 min. and 5Br does not depend from kolichestvas 2H. For what time the mass of a brometan will decrease in 8 raz1) 4 min. 2) 53 min. 3) 90 min. 4) 240 min31. Heat of combustion of ethane is equal 1560 kJ/mol. What quantity teplotyvydelitsya at combustion of 1 l of ethane (N at.) 1) 52 kJ 2) 69.9 kJ 3) 139.2 kJ 4)1560 kdzh32. From acetylene in one stage it is possible poluchit1) methane 2) benzene 3) propanal 4) synthetic kauchuk33. Quarternary atom of carbon is connected with chetyrmya1) hydrogen 2 atoms) atoms ugleroda3) oxygen 4 atoms) functional gruppami34. Are characteristic of saturated hydrocarbons reaktsii1) accession 2) polimerizatsii3) replacement 4) hydroliza35. Benzene in one stage can be received iz1) acetylene 2) ethylene 3) ethyl benzene 4) nitrobenzene
C1 Carry out transformations. → ZnO → Zn → ZnCl2 → Zn(OH) 2 → K2 [Zn (OH) 4]C2 Balance ZnS by method of electronic balance: H2S + KMnO4 →S + MnO2 + H2O +KOH
To what classes of organic compounds it is possible to carry anabolic steroids? Why?
Please count with chemistry, it is urgently necessary. please
Molecular that _onny viglyad_ r_vnyannya reakts і ї m_zh kalts_y chloride that amon_y a g_droksidomHIMIya 9 CLASS I GIVE to Zapisati 50 points
Please consider to determine the size of standard electrode potential of zinc ​
Srochnodoved_t nayavn_st kat_on_v NH4+, Va2+, Fe2 + at rozchin і, yakiya to m_stit, amon_y chloride, bar_y chloride, ferum (ІІ) sulfate.
Please count PLEASE!!!! From 39 kg of benzene at nitration 61.2 kg of nitrobenzene were received. How to learn skolkoprotsent it makes from theoretically possible exit.
To calculate molar concentration and titration of solution of hydrochloric acid if on titration of 0.2305 g of pyroborate of sodium 8.30 ml of solution of acid were required. ​
36. What of the listed aromatic connections decolours bromnuyuvodu1) C 6H6 2)C 6H 5NO2 3)C 6H of 5Cl 4)C 6H 5CH = CH237. Qualitative reactions to double communication With = C1) decolouration of bromic water 2) absorption vodoroda3) formation of a deposit with silver 4 oxide) polimerizatsii38. What molecule contains branched carbon skelet1) benzene 2)pentpnol-1 3)2-methyloctane 4) etilatsetat39. Dan scheme of reaction: X → accessions → CH2 = SN are SSl = CH2. Was Kakoyeveshchestvo initial in this scheme? 1) CH4 2 methane) CH2 butadiene = SN are SN = CH23) CH 3CH 2CH 2CH3 4 butane) CH2 vinylacetylene = SN – With = CH40. Are characteristic of aromatic hydrocarbons of a number of benzene reaktsii1) polymerizations 2) razlozheniya3) restoration 4) replacement in benzene koltse41. Reaction of decomposition of a brometan in a gas phase With 2H 5Br---> With 2H4 + NVr an imeetpervy order. As it is necessary to change pressure that the speed of reaction increased in Zraza: 1) to reduce by 9 times 2) to reduce in 3 raza3) to increase by 3 times 4) to increase in 9 raz42. Methane is formed at: 1) hydrolysis of carbide of SaS2 2 calcium) hydrogenation etilena3) benzene 4 decomposition) dehydrations ethyl spirta43. From the given couples of connections specify couple of homologs: 1) methane, benzene 2) Butina-1, Butina – 23) acetylene, a pro-pin 4) ethane, etilen44. Interaction of benzene with chlorine on light is a reaction: 1) polymerizations 2) obmena3) replacements 4) prisoyedineniya45. Benzene turns into toluene C 6H 5CH3 in interaction with: 1) SN 3Cl 2)CO2 3) CH4 4)CH 3CH346. Benzene is formed at: 1) methane 2 pyrolysis) thermal decomposition polietilena3) toluene 4 restoration) trimerization atsetilena47. Among the listed connections specify hydrocarbon of a number of methane: 1) CH 3CH2CH2CH 2OH 2)CH 3CH 2CH3
What of the given reactions of decomposition is not oxidation-reduction? Choose one answer: 1. Cu(OH)2 = H2O + CuO2. 2NaNO3 = 2NaNO2 + O23. 2HI = I2 + H24. 2H2O2 = O2 + 2H2O
Jac masa zinc to oxide to a proreaguvata mozha z chloride acid, zrazok a kotra ї to m_stit 5.6 l chlorovodnyu? Very urgently, pzh!!!
1. What types of plastic do you know? 2. What is sinteticheksky fibers? 3. What types of rubber are known to you? ​
Establish compliance between a formula of organic matter and a class (group) of connections to which it belongs. The FORMULA of the SUBSTANCE CLASS (GROUP) of SOEDINENIYA) S2N5ONB) C6H12O6B) SN4G) CH3COOH 1) saturated hydrocarbons 2) one-atomic alcohols 3) carbohydrates 4) carbonic acids 5) esters 6) polyatomic you spirtysmotrit better on a photo
A.10. Establish compliance between a formula of inorganic substance and a class (group) of connections to which it belongs. The FORMULA of the SUBSTANCE CLASS (GROUP) of SOEDINENIYA) NaClB) H2SO4B) SaSO3G) SiO2 1) salts 2) acids 3) oxides 4) the bases 5) alkalis 6) sour to a soliluchsha on a photo
Obchisl_t about’ ¾m to an amon_ak, yakiya to utvoritsya at vza¾mod і ї 300 l vodnyu z by nitrogen, yakshcho vikh_d to a product reakts і ї become 20%.
What mass of ethanol can be received at fermentation of the glucose weighing 60 g containing 4% of impurity?
Molar concentration of phosphoric acid is equal to 0.02 mol/l. To calculate a caption of phosphoric acid ​
Up to 200 g to a salt rozchin z mass chastka of salt of 10% dodalishche 30 g of salt. I Yakoit there was a kintseva of a masov a chastka of salt?
Please count please, to write the 2nd stage of hydrolysis of Na2CO3. ​
what differ in structure and the building in are made models of molecules
to a b_lsha to a sulfur of H2SO4, H2SO3, H2S ​
Please consider to perform practical work on chemistry
To place coefficients and to specify oxidizer and KMnO4+K2SO3+H2SO4 reducer = by MnSO4+H2O+K2SO4 ​
1. Pentene can be distinguished from a pentane by means of any of reactants: 1. solution of permanganate of potassium and hydroxide of copper (II) 2. oxide of silver and hydroxide of copper (II) 3. bromic water and oxide of copper (II) 4. bromic water and solution of permanganate kaliya2. At addition to some organic matter of a svezheosazhdennogogidroksid of copper (II) and heating the red deposit was formed. Etoorganichesky substance: 1. fenol2. formaldegid3. etilen4. acetic kislota3. Reaction of "a silver mirror" is not characteristic for: 1. fruktozy2. etanalya3. glyukozy4. formaldegida4. A reactant on glycerin is: 1. bromic voda2. chlorovodorod3. ammoniac Ag2O4 solution. hydroxide of copper (II) (freshly cooked) 5. Formic acid can be distinguished from acetic acid with the help: 1. indikatora2. NaOH3 solution. solution [Ag (NH3)2]OH4. K2CO36 solution. At addition to some organic matter of a svezheosazhdennogogidroksid of copper (II) and heating the red deposit is formed. Etoorganichesky substance: 1. diethyl efir2. aldegid3. polyatomic spirt4. acetic kislota7. Presence of aldehydic group in organic matter can be established spomoshchyyu: 1. bromic vody2. lakmusa3. ammoniac Ag2O4 solution. hydroxide natriya8. At addition to some organic matter of a svezheosazhdennogogidroksid of copper (II) in the presence of alkali solution bright sinegotsveta was formed. This organic matter: 1. etanol2. fenol3. glitserin4. anilin9. Solution of permanganate of potassium can be used for detection: 1. benzola2. tsiklopentana3. butana4. propena10. Butane can be distinguished from butene by means of any of reactants: 1. oxide of silver and hydroxide of copper (II) 2. bromic water and oxide of copper (II) 3. solution of permanganate of potassium and hydroxide of copper (II) 4. bromic water and solution of permanganate of potassium
Please count!!! Obchisl_t about’ ¾m to an amon_ak, yakiya to utvoritsya at vza¾mod і ї 300 l vodnyu z by nitrogen, yakshcho vikh_d to a product reakts і ї become 20%.
Please count pozhalustp!!!! ​