What does an outline for a paragraph look like?
I want to do a research paper on classroom management. Can you help me narrow down my topic and form some sort of question?
Is it true that expository essays often embody an extended definition of a complex concept?
Is it true that the conclusion paragraph of an essay is not critical?
I have written two thesis statements for my English teacher, but neither one is good enough. The first one was "Sonny's Blues deals with the complex relationship between two brothers, and the...
How can I write a 5,000 word essay about my own utopia?
I need help writing my 5 paragraph essay on "The Necklace." What do you suggest?
How do you write a direct comparison analysis for a compare and contrast essay?
How do you state a claim utilizing the middle ground method?
How do I write a narrative story which shows a character through their thoughts? I have to present the character through the language she uses.
How do I write a literary essay about how Macbeth's hallucinations (such as the prophecies and dagger) affect him and his behavior?
How can I start off an essay about me?
How do I start an essay about someone who has enriched my life?
How should a review be written? I don't understand how to write one.
How should quotes be integrated in an essay?
How can I personify a tennis ball? (I know how and what personification is but I need help using a tennis ball)
How can I make this topic sentence better? "With dedication and determination, change can occur...."
How can I write an essay explaining how to help the community in which I work to address the barriers that prevent learning within my school environment?
How do I write an essay on narrative technique and structure of a novel with quotations ?
How could I start an argumentative essay about how racism still exists?
How do I cite a website in my MLA formatted paper? And how do I put it in my MLA works cited page?
How can I write a persuasive essay on this question: Why should teenagers not get piercings or tattoos?Thanks.
How can I write a good admissions essay?
How can I write an essay about friendships with an introduction, body, and conclusion?
How can a student write an essay about why they should be selected to attend a science trip? How can the essay stand out without sounding stuck up?
How can I research a case study that relates to an incident I read about or experienced at school? How can I describe how I solved the problem?
How can I begin an essay if I don't know what to write?
How can I approach an essay about the meaning of friendship?
I have to write about an elderly person whom I know.  I want to write about my grandmother, but I don't have a good thesis statement.  Can you help me with that?
I have to make a brochure for a school project. What topic should I write about?
Hey everyone!I'm having trouble with my essay introduction. I'm supposed to be writing about the loss of innocence in three books, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, The Catcher in The Ryeby J.D....
"It is a good idea, when drafting an essay, to establish a 'working thesis'." Is this true?
Is this a good essay about how opposite themes are portrayed in Romeo and Juliet?First of all, Romeo, and Juliet is the most famous love story in the English literature. Love is naturally the...
Discuss writing a paper that has validity. Cover fact and fiction, supporting evidence, bias, and logic.
Describe how your strengths are expressed in your daily life.
Can you help me with my graduation research paper??
Can I use a question as a title for a persuasive essay?Ex: Is The American Dream Really Dead?
Can I please have help on writing an article or speech on how women are portrayed in the media?
I am writing an essay and i really don't want to use the word 'very' to go with another word. Is there a different word that I can use?
I am having a rough time finding the thesis paragraph for a critical essay called "A Worn Path" The Eternal Quest of Welty's Phoenix Jackson, by James Robert Saunders.
I am applying for ASB in middle school. One of the questions asks "How do your grades show me what kind of leader you will be?" I have a 3.43 GPA. What should I say?
A writer should always make the title of an essay based on the point of the composition. Is it true?
I need help writing a play for five friends for a dramatic club. Each of the friends needs at least two lines, and they need to display strong emotions.
Write a letter to your grandparents about how you spent your vacation?
I need to write an an assignment in response to the following prompt:Write a letter to your cousin asking her to look after your pet dog for few days because you are going to your grandfather's...