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According to the Nyhus Classification of Groin Hernias how a Type II hernia is described as? |
According to ASA's six-point system a patient with mild systemic disease would be classified as: A. P1 B. P2 C. P3 D. P4 |
What usually affects our body posture? |
How is it possible to have plenty of food yet be poorly nourished? |
Could someone define what stomach cancer is? I'm writing a paper on stomach cancer and I'm reading so many things on the disease and I have to define... |
I am 13 and I have had a pain in my stomach for 2 months.  I have started my periods but, dont think that's the reason. Could it be appendicitis? |
Why the food is good for the health what kinds of food we should eat |
Why does it take several return trips to  treatment facilities before an alcoholic gets clean and sober? It took me 6 treatment facilities (all... |
What medical conditions are women from India predisposed to? |
What is the importance of Physical Fitness? |
What complications can occur when mixing crack cocaine with an anti depressant such as paxil? |
What causes recurrent CVA? The patient suffered the 1st CVA is 1993. |
What is the best intramuscular injection site for infants and small children? |
What is Autism? |
Can a girl get pregnant by kissing a guy's mouth? |
Is the nurse that sets up medication in a pill box responsible if the patient does not take them properly?
Notes regarding intradermal injection   means the definition and site
My new doctor said that Diphenhydramine interferes with Zrytex. Is this true or was he trying to scare me as I have an evolving allergy condition? My...
My girlfriend hasn't had her period for 3-4 months; she is 19. She suffers from dizziness. Why is this happening? Please be specific
List why the components of fitness are important for tennis?
Identify the legal, ethical & professional responsibilites of the nurse with regard to confidentiality.
How to make 6-packs?
How long does it take for Petechial Hemorrhages of the eyes to go away?
How can you increase your breast size without surgery or pills? I understand that I should accept how God made me but yet I feel unhappy and...
How can one cure piriformis syndrome in an old person? Piriformis syndrome happened by a traumatic injury of falling down in sitting position.
Is it healthy to lose weight using laxatives?
If I have taken Tamiflu, should I also take the swine flu vaccine? Three weeks ago, I got some kind of flu, and the test from scraping my throat (not...
I have heard about a portable Blue Light Therapy that one can administer on ones own for the treatment of acne.DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY DETAILS ABOUT IT?
I have acne and was wondering is there any way to get rid of the scars it leaves behind.  Is there a certain laser treatment for this? thank you