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Please consider to make the program pascal finding of the work of squares of three natural numbers
To develop an algorithm of the solution of a task, having presented it in the flowchart form; To Make the program in algorithmic language of Turbo Pascal; To Print calculation results (display). Function where x changes from-4 to 7 with h step = 0.2 is given.  y=left {{{2x-5sinx} atop {1-sinx} } atop {ln(4x+sinx}}\ if x & lt; −3, if − 3 ≤ x ≤ 5, if x & gt; 5. To calculate and display an arithmetic average of positive values at. Please, it is necessary very urgently and in detail!
Count the people who understands Pascal ABS Please from an etimizadaniyema: 1. Napissat the program, the considering arithmetic average of figures of number.2. Napissat the program, considering the sum of figures multiple "3 " number.2a. Napissat the program finding the minimum figure in number. Thank you in advance!
Please count With PLEASE INFORMATIKOYNAPISAT the PASCAL programs: 1) which will create the massif from 20 odd numbers and will count the sum and an arithmetic average of these numbers. 2) which will create the massif from 15 random numbers from 35 to 75 inclusive, will find quantity of elements which value lies from 50 to 60.
Please count, pascal avs 41.a
Algorithms in Pascal. Photo inside
Computer science the 9th class, a cycle with a post-condition (repeat).№1. The sequence of integers which sign of the termination - 0 is given. Nayti quantity of negative elements of the sequence, multiple 7.№2. Preparing for competitions, the skier in the first day ran 10 km., then every day increased distance by 10% of previous day. For what day of trainings it will run more To km.? Please consider please repeat operator
Napissat the program in pascal for an algorithm. Photo inside
Napishite outputs the program which accepts an integer from the keyboard and then 20 of the subsequent to it numbers. Language Pascal
PASCAL of CHILDREN SROCHNYAK Domashnyaya rabota1) to Solve a problem in three ways: To calculate the sum S=1+1/2+1/3+...+1/50.2) to Print in the form of the table of value of function at = (3х2-2)/4, for values x, changing - 3 to 3 with a step 0.23) to Count quantity of negative numbers from 10, entered from a klaviaturyzadaniye: 1. Napissat programmy2. To check them through the PascalABC program, to keep and send to the teacher (surely!!!) 3. At the following lesson to hand over notebooks with the written programs
Please count please. Task Pascal. Two variables of the whole A and B type are given. If their values are not equal, then to appropriate to each variable the sum of these values and if are equal, then to appropriate to variables zero values. To display new A and B values.
Napishite the program which calculates the sums of elements of the A[1:50] array filled with numbers 1,3,5,7,9
Task 1. Filling of the massif from a to bdan the massif from 30 elements. To fill the massif since element a to element b with the two, and other elements in zero and to display all massif. It is known that 1< =aformat 2 integers 1< vvodavvoditsya; =aformat vyvodamassiv from 30 elementovPrimerVvod2 10vyvod0 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0v Pascal ABC which is (not updated)
Find all natural numbers which are not exceeding the set number N, kotoryedelitsya without the rest on each of the figures. Specify result for N=2017 in the answer.
Please count PLEASE! IN the PASKALYaSostavte LANGUAGE "We found the program which on k entered by you – number of mushrooms, prints a phrase in the forest of k of mushrooms, and coordinates the termination of the word "mushroom" with number k.
to define whether belongs three numbers to the piece set from the keyboard are entered
to make the program the solving following problem: the three-digit number is given. to find the sum of its extreme numbers.
Napishite the program which removes all prime numbers in the range from 2 to N (N is in advance unknown). Entrance the dannyevkhodny line contains integer N. Weekend of a dannyeprogramm has to remove all prime numbers in the range from 2 to N in one line, having divided them gaps. Primeryvkhodnye dannye20vykhodnye dannye2 3 5 7 11 13 17 19
Napissat the program which defines the maximum number from the sequence of polozhiktelny numbers entered from the keyboard (length of the sequence is not limited). (Cycle Whil or Repeat) Definition of the maximum number of the sequence of positive numbers. You enter numbers into a line through a gap. For completion of input enter zero.-> 56 - & gt; 75 - & gt; 43 - & gt; About the Maximum number: 75.
Napishite, please, it passes the program according to which in pascal animation of the intersection on which two cars, one of which stops on the traffic light and when green light lights up, pass will be removed further. URGENTLY!!!
four-digit is given I chisloit to determine the sum of the first and last figure and 2 and 3 Please consider to write the program for pascal
Pascal subject Stroki1) From the keyboard is entered a line. To count How to learn how many times in it meet a point.2) From the keyboard are entered a line. To remove from it all " superfluous " gaps, having left on one between words. For example, on a vkhodestrok "123567890 ", at the exit "123,567,890 "
Pascal a subject of Line 1) From the keyboard is entered the line consisting of three words. Words separate from each other exactly one gap. To trade places 2 and 3 words. 2) From the keyboard the line in which is one opening and one closing parentheses is entered. To display the symbols concluded between these two brackets.3) From the keyboard the line is entered. To replace in it all gaps with exclamation marks.
To make the program - the converter which requests type of unit of measure of time: 1 - second, 2 - minute, 3 - hour, 4 - day and also number - value in this unit of measure of time also transfers this number to all other units of measure of time. Input of numbers comes to an end with pressing of key 0. Protocol of work of the program: Choose type of unit of measure of time: 1 - second, 2 - minute, 3 - hour, 4 - day, 0 - an exit.1 Enter value of this unit of time: 3600 Answer: 3600 sec. is =60 min. old = 1 hour = 0.042 sutokvyberit type of unit of measure of time: 1 - second, 2 - minute, 3 - hour, 4 - day, 0 - an exit.4 Enter value of this unit of time: 1 Answer: 1 day = the 24th hour = 1440 min. = 86,400 you sekvyberit type of unit of measure of time: 1 - second, 2 - minute, 3 - hour, 4 - day, 0 - an exit.0 So long!
In the set whole positive number N (0 & lt; N & lt; 2^10) remove all even figures without breaking the sequence of figures in number. in pascal
Need help!!!! PLEASE!!! Mr. Fox learned a new algorithm of enciphering: it is necessary to take a line which you want to encrypt, insert two any identical letters between any two letters, with the turned-out line to repeat the same operation and so on, will not bother yet. For example, line FOKS can be encrypted so: FAZZAOYaYaKVVS. Mr. Fox encrypted the name of the favourite wild animal and suggests you to decipher it: OVYFFYVOZhIIZhZhDDIZhZhREEAUUFPRLPPZhIRAFOKLLKMTNNTMOFFFARIZhLRP. Specify the name of favourite animal Mr. Fox which is written down by capital letters, for example, the LION as the answer.
3. zanimayetinf volume v800 bitkak to learn the image of RGB of 20х10 pixels how many various flowers in a color palette?
For the set whole positive number N calculate the sum of its dividers. in pascal
Please count!!!! SRO-O-O-ChNO!!!! Near the river there live only green and pestrenky young frogs (there are no young frogs of other flowers). It is known, chtoyesl a young frog green, he is cheerful; all pestrenky young frogs sit ashore. Choose statements which can be true. 1. All green young frogs — veselye2. The green young frog sitting on beregu3 can meet. All young frogs sitting ashore — grustnye4. If young frog cheerful, then it zelenyy5. Can meet cheerful pestrenkiya lyagushonok6. The green young frog sitting on beregu7 can meet. All pestrenky young frogs — grustnye8. In water it is possible to see pestrenky lyagushonka9. All young frogs sitting ashore — pestrenky
The line of symbols is given. To determine length of a line. If length of a line & lt; =20 to find serial number of a symbol in a line. Pascal is necessary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1
3 different lines of symbols are given. To define the longest line and to give its length on the screen. Pascal.
3. N natural numbers of a1, a2 are set, …, aN (), each of which is in the range from 1 up to 10000. It is necessary to define quantity of natural dividers of work a1*a2 * …*an.nado to write the program on si
Make the Pascal language program for the solution of the following task. Enter 3 numbers from the keyboard: And, In and Page. If And yes With are multiple 5, and In not multiple, then replace all numbers also with squares and display result. If only In multiply 5, then increase all numbers by 10 and display result. Otherwise, find and remove an arithmetic average of these numbers.
To display all words from To letters in which the letter Yvstrechayetsya more than 1 time, and to count their quantity.
Read the poem by A. Starikov and determine the age of the girl. STRANGE DEVOCHKAYEY there were one thousand hundred years. It went to the hundred first class. In a portfolio on hundred books carried. All this truth, but not nonsense. When, raising dust ten legs, She walked on the road, Behind it the puppy always ran - With one tail, but hundred-legged. It caught everyone zvuksvoy ten ears, Both ten suntanned rukportfel and the lead was held. and ten dark blue glazrassmatrivat the world habitually... But there will be everything absolutely usual When you understand our story. with an explanation ♪
Pascal. 2 natural numbers are entered. To remove their NOC. Please count please!
Napissat the program in a programming language.
1. The drawing of 512 on 64 pixels in size is coded with a palette 2 colors. How to learn how many the kilobyte occupies in memory the drawing without compression? 2. The drawing of 288 on 256 pixels in size occupies in pamyati18 Kb (without compression). Find the greatest possible amount of colors to an image.3 vpalitra. The drawing of 80 on 192 pixels in size is coded with a palette of 256 flowers. How to learn how many the kilobyte occupies in memory the drawing without compression?
Features of work of the person with information
Please count!!!! The conditional operator is given: if a< 5 then c: =1else if a> 5 then c: =2else c: =3 What variable a matters if as a result of performance conditional operators of a variable with the value 3 is appropriated?
Napishite, please, the program on Pascal. The one-dimensional massif is given. To define whether can form its elements the increasing sequence after removal of one of elements.
Task 1. The massif from 30 elements filled with the whole random numbers from range from-15 to +50 is given. To calculate the sum of all elements of the massif, to define quantity of elements of the massif multiple 3. To display the initial massif and result of calculation (quantity and the sum). Task 2. To order the massif from 20 integers on decrease. To display the initial and ordered massif. Task 3. Make the program which by last name, to a name and a middle name of the person displays a surname and initials of the person. for example, Pyotr Stepanovich Ivanov it has to turn out on the screen P.S. Ivanov.
Please count PLEASE! The volume of video memory is equal to 256 KB. Amount of the used colors-16. Calculate display resolution options. Provided that the number of pages of the image can be equal to 1.2 or 4. The ANSWER FULL WITH the DECISION is NECESSARY. I GIVE 100 points. ONLY I ASK, Please count CORRECTLY. I ALL WEBSITES BYPASSED, the DIFFERENT ANSWER EVERYWHERE IF I LEARN THAT COPIED, I WILL NOTE AS VIOLATION
viznachita number n k_lk_st figures at tsyy chisl_paskal is given to the naturalena
to write the program for determination of the sum of natural numbers from 1 to n (n-is entered from the keyboard)