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Rebz that means this знак<-> in the table of the validity?
Please consider to solve please, the solution of t is necessary. to answers I know the 32nd answer 58, and the 33rd answer 15
To create the massif which each element is equal to a square of the number.
make the program of calculation of value of expression
Write the short story about unreliable information from the experience to PZh IS URGENT THANKS IN ADVANCE)))))
The typified files, Pascal1. Vvesti from the keyboard integer N (& gt; 1). To create the file of integers and to write down in it N first positive even numbers (2, 4, …).2. To display file contents.
I give 40 points! Such situation: 4.1 made, 4.2 did not understand at all) Explain please clear)
Give examples of algorithms from everyday life: transition through a carriageway
In the book of 100 pages. On each page of 60 lines on 80 symbols in line. To calculate the information volume of the book.
Napissat the program in the PascalOpredelit language the sum of the numbers entered from the keyboard and only those which are multiple 5 and are not multiple 2povtoryus, the PROGRAM ON PASCAL
[Error] of Write error on C: UsersadminDesktopProekt 4 четвертüProject1.exe [Error] RLINK32: Error writing file "C: UsersadminDesktopProekt 4 четвертüProject1.exe "People why there is such mistake?
I GIVE 15 points!!! Children, it is necessary urgently!!! Please sresheniye. The answer has to turn out 17. Nayti variable b.
The text occupies 1.5 kb of memory of the computer. How to learn how many symbols the text contains?
Napishite program of filling of the A[1:50] array with number 1
The musical fragment was digitized and written down in the form of the file without use of compression of data. The turned-out file was transferred to the city And on a communication channel in 75 seconds. Then the same musical fragment was digitized repeatedly with the permission twice higher and with a frequency of sampling of 3 times above, than for the first time. Compression of data was not made. The received file was transferred to the city of B in 90 seconds. In How to learn how many times speed the bandwidth of the channel to the city of B is more than the capacity of the channel to the city And?
Please consider to solve please urgently a problem on pascal
Give examples of algorithms at various lessons
two not nonzero numbers are given. Nayti sum, difference, proizvedeniye private their modules.
Napishite program of finding of N! - works of the first N natural numbers with use of a cycle with autoincrease in parameter!! Urgently please!!!
Restore the beginning of one of the most known monologues in English the encrypted simple replacement of letters by numbers: 11,17_3,7_17,10_0,17,11_11,17_3,7_11,21,23,11_6,8_11,21,7_20,5,7,8,11,6,17,0
Please consider to solve please urgently a problem on pascal please
Please count though with what-ntbud task. it is very necessary. it is necessary to make as the program...
Value of arithmetic expression: 9^8 + 3^3 - 2 wrote down in a numeral system with the basis 3. How to learn how many figures "2" contain in this record?
What documentyimet the PDF format?
Think up and write down two offers which about two words deciphered by you will enter at once. The deciphered words: new settler, words, tsaregrad, commander.
We will call an element of a matrix a saddle point if it is the smallest in the line and at the same time the greatest in the column or, on the contrary, is the greatest in the line and the smallest in the column. For the set whole matrix to print with the n*m size indexes of all its saddle points. If it is not difficult, write as it is possible more primitively))) Pascal
Today at a computer science lesson Anton studied numeral systems. After a lesson he noticed that number of school at which he studies is the smallest number which (if to write down it) in a binary system, in a ternary system and even in a senary numeral system comes to an end on two zero. At what school does Anton study? As the answer specify one natural number in a decimal numeral system, for example, 139.
How to calculate length of a line? I do not ask to solve to me this problem: The famous programmer received the message which is written down by all possible symbols of the alphabet used a name from the friend: ZLXUZX& twice less symbols contained $NO, the Response message. What weight of the message received in reply? But how to calculate length of this line that?
Napissat the program which enters from screen N of numbers, considers their arithmetic average and displays it
1) to make the program (pascal) of a conclusion to the screen of three-digit odd numbers which terminate on 32) to make the program of afterbirths. numbers of integers to define the smallest even negative number. About sign of the end of input (min = 30.000) 3) afterbirths. integers to find an average of arithmetic even numbers. About - sign of the end of input (integer, k 10000) s/n
Hello, Please count please it is very necessary for  
Napishite program for this problem of y = ex × d
Make an algorithm for finding of the smallest of two set numbers.
It is necessary to write the program urgently!!!!!
in the cycle for to take massif elemena what to eat and calculate the sum of even elements of the massif array 10reshit size in pascal abs there
Please consider how to clean the line between 3 and 6?
Make 4 procedures for processing of two-dimensional array ( to determine the sum and quantity of even elements of the two-dimensional massif. 2) to find "korditnata " the maximum element.3) to replace all even values with 04) to define the line number in which the sum of elements is maximum Thanks in advance!
Please consider to write a programmun the Pascal language, using the cycle While: Fibonacci's sequence is defined so: φ0=0, φ1=1..., φn=φn-1+φn-2. Determine n-e by this number n Fibonacci's number φn.
To MAKE In Pascal ABC1. The program suggests the user to enter two-digit number. If the user was mistaken, then to give the message "Enter only two-digit numbers".2. Each fur small animal aged from 1 up to 3 months needs 2 glasses of milk a day if its weight less than 3 kg. To other animals on 1 glass. The age and weight of a small animal is known. To find out How to learn how many liters of milk a month are necessary for it. One glass of milk makes 0.2 liters.
Please count with programming
To Napishite the program which defines whether it is right that the entered number contains two identical figures standing nearby (as, for example, 221) It is desirable the Pascal language program
Napissat program for 3 tasks.
There is a line consisting of symbols 0 and 1. To recognize Nayti Cac how many times in this line meet the sequence 101
text tasks for self-checking Urgently I give 30 points
Please count 3 option please. Using procedures!!!!