What compelled Nicholas to enter the lumber room?
What is a clear argument I could make from "The Tell-Tale Heart" by Edgar Allen Poe?
What does "civil" mean?
What does "Choices" mean by Nikki Giovanni?
What are the characteristics of romantic novels?
What changes could we make to "The Bet" to make the story more interesting?
What are the challenges Jade Snow faces in Fifth Chinese Daughter, and does she overcome those challenges?
What can we say if we want to read Browning's "My Last Duchess" via a Marxist perspective?
What can a reader learn from reading the story "The Lady or the Tiger?"
What can be discerned about the speaker in the poem "Bilingual/Bilingue" by Rhina H. Espaillat, drawing only on what the poem tells you or reveals?
What is the best way to write essays on poems? Do you need to write about your own thoughts?
What awards was Trenton Lee Stewart given?
What does anaphora add to asyndeton?
What is an overview or summary of the poem "Occupational Hazard" by Sophie Hannah?
The Emigree Analysis
What is 'American' about American literature?
What are the similarities and differences between Alyssa Brugman's novel Walking Naked and the movie Mean Girls?  
We are doing a newspaper project on Romeo and Juliet, and I need ideas for ads/advertisements.
Do we always put conjunctions after a comma? If not, can you give me an exception?
What does one call the voice that tells the audience a fictional story?
Although the literature of the Harlem Renaissance typically invokes urban themes, some writers situated their works in rural settings of the American south. Analyze the use of geography by authors...
Is it true or false that the tone of a short story is never established until the end of the story?
True or false: In the real world of writing, essays are more interested in effectiveness than in purity of form.
Is tone the attitude conveyed by the audience who reads the essay?
Why do you think the title of the poem “Superior” by Rabindranath Tagore is appropriate?
The title of my essay is 'Lady Macbeth is a character with many strengths and weaknesses.' Is she typical of the women of her era? How does she reflect the time in which the play was written?
Throughout Walden, Thoreau poses questions. To what extent does he answer them? Why might he leave some unanswered or only partially answered?
This excerpt includes 10 grammatical errors, each having to do with a verb conjugation. The error could be the helping or the main verb in a clause: The U.S. Congress passes legislation to establish...
This American poet was influential to the modern poetic movement both in England and in the U.S.: A) Ezra Pound B) William Butler Yeats C) W.H. Auden D) Dylan Thomas
Are these considered secondary sources for an analysis?
In Sara Teasdale's poem "There Will Come Soft Rains," how does the mood change dramatically?
Is there evidence of Axel's character development in Journey to the Center of the Earth?
In the story, "The Sniper" what happens to the sniper after he shoots the man in the armoured car?
In the story "The Sniper," what atmosphere does the author convey to the reader? Give concrete examples.
In the story "Marigolds", how does Lizabeth change, why does she change, how aware is she of her own surroundings and the wider world, and what does Lizabeth's reflection at the end of the story...
In the story "Kath and Mouse" by Janet McNaughton, is the narrator inside or outside the story, and how does this impact the point of view?
The story centers upon the difference between the world of the Sheridans and that of the Scotts. Laura, the young lady in the story, struggles toward young adulthood as she discovers the world of the...
In simple language, what are the differences between synchronic/diachronic analysis and syntagmatic/paradigmatic analysis? How can these theories be applied to the film The Great Gatsby?
In Sherry's "In Praise of the F Word," what is the central issue and why is it important?
In The Shawshank Redemption, what symbol does Brooks' pet bird, Jake, stand for?
In The Shawshank Redemption, why are minor characters like Captain Hadley and the Sisters important? What is their relationship with Andy?
The Second Shepherds' Playhas two parallel stories. What are the stories, and why do these stories complement each other? What do we learn about the lives of shepherds in Medieval England?...
Scout runs to her father as he faces the group of men outside of the jail. She expects him to be happy to see her, but what is Atticus’s reaction?
It is said that an image creates a mental picture in the reader or a listener whereas a symbol represents something but in literature , not only images but also symbols create mental pictures because...
In "Rose-Johnny," what's the smell in the apartment Rose-Johnny and Mr. Wall share?