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Vanya conceived prime three-digit number which all figures are various. On what figure can it terminate if its last figure is equal to the sum of the first two?
Lindens and oaks, only 80 trees grow in the square. The quantity of oaks is a quarter of total number of trees. how many in the square stuck
In one basket there were 4 7/25 kg of apples. Kogd from her that in this basket became 8/25 kg less than vzyali1 9/25 kg of apples than was in the second. How many apples were in both baskets originally. URGENTLY
Find the party of a square if its area is equal the 4th meter in a square to What the perimeter is equal in a square
The first typist prints 10 pages an hour, and the second for 5 h prints as much pages how many the first for 4 h. How many pages will print both mashinistska for 4 h collaboration?
What mass of a goose, if on one scale the weight in 5 kg, and on another a goose and the weight in 1 kg? Scales are in balance.
The barrel filled with water weighs 89 kg. Kogd 4/19 waters poured out of her, it began to weigh 73 kg. How many does the remained water weigh? How many does the empty barrel weigh?
Brought 47 boxes of chocolates on 9 kg in each box and the 38th box of gingerbreads on 12 kg to shop in everyone. How many did kilograms of candies and gingerbreads bring to shop?
From two stations at the same time in opposite directions, moving away one from another, two trains with speeds of 80 km/h and 90 km/h went. In 5 h they were on distance of 970 km one from another. Calculate distance between stations
A) from 15 m of fabric sewed 10 dresses. how many it is possible it is sewed from 3 m of fabric? b) Ania read 4 pages of the book in 6 min. how many pages will she read for an hour? c) The bag of potatoes weighs 40 kg and costs 320 rubles. Potatoes were packaged in packages on 2 kg and on 5 kg. How much is each package of potatoes? POZhALUYSAT With SHORT RECORD! IF you KNOW WRITE. All 3 tasks. They are small.
The city And left the train with a speed of 60 kmch and through 2chizetogozhegorodavprotivopolozhnom the direction there was other train about speed 70kmch what distance will be between them in 3 hours after an exit of the 2nd train
The square and rectangle have the identical area equal 64v a square. Learn peremintr a rectangle if its length is twice more than length of the party of a square
For one portion of rice porridge 40 grams of rice and 0.12 liters of milk are required. What greatest number of portions of porridge the dining room can prepare if at its order there are 900 grams of rice and 3 liters of milk
Width of a rectangle of 26 cm on how many will increase the area of this rectangle if help to increase its length by 2 cm
Builders of the first crew can build the building in 15 months. Builders of the second crew - for 2/3 these times. For how many months can two crews build the building working in common?
To the dining room brought 150 kilograms of white loaf it it was twice more than black How many kilograms of bread brought to the dining room
Problem from VPR Today at school four lessons. Lessons at school begin from 9 o'clock. Each lesson lasts 40 minutes, and change – 10 minutes. When does the last lesson come to an end?
The person goes to the highway of 35 min. with a speed of 5 m/m, and the car speeds to the highway at 10 min. of 15 m/m. Question: who will quicker reach (will reach) the highway? P.s. - solve a problem with short record!
The car it has to pass in 3 days 1430 km In the first day speeded at 6 hours of 82 kilometers hour in 2 it increased speed by 4 kilometers the hour went from this speed of 7 hours With what speed the car to overcome the remained distance in 4 hours has to go
Daily 9 trains transported 635 people. How many passengers were transported in a week
Floor in the bathroom is covered ceramic tiles, each of which has the square form with the party of 12 cm how many it is necessary to buy packings of a tile in a pack 48 plates. if sizes of half of the bathroom of 1 m 80 cm. And 1 m 50 cm? Consider that in the bathroom of the master do a side in half of tiles and are able to cut tiles on a part
Mom bought 5 notebooks and the grandmother of 7 notebooks at the same price. How much is one notebook if the grandmother paid for the purchase at 1 rub 80 kopeks more than mom? How many money was spent by mom for purchase of notebooks? How many money was spent by the grandmother for purchase of notebooks?
In the settlement of 800 houses, from them 287 stone houses, and other wooden. Repaired 4/9 wooden houses in the summer. How many wooden houses repaired?
Paid 1600 rub for a shirt and a tie a shirt more expensively than a tie by 3 times. How much is shirt? VERY MUCH SROCHNOPOMOGITE
Task From freight yard it was necessary to take out to shops of 700 identical boxes with goods. For export two cars were sent. On one car it is possible to lay 48 boxes, and on another-36yashchikov. How many boxes with goods will remain at the station if each car makes 5 flights from full zagrzky?
There are 95 cubes of them make the greatest of possible cubes. How many small cubes will remain?
Help Srochno with a homework 32000: 5000 6000: 9000 20000: 7000 (from the rest) the 4th class
Conceived number and. when it was increased by 13, and then the result was reduced by 8, received the sum 20 and 12. What number was conceived???
the cyclist and the rider move towards each other the speed of the cyclist of 20 km/h the speed of the rider of 16 kilometers hour What With what speed the distance between them until a meeting changes
The distance between the first and second cities of 256 km, between the second and third - is 38 km less. Between the third and fourth - is 48 km more, than between the second and third cities. 1. Between what cities distance the biggest? 2. Between what - the smallest?
Pancake I know that it is easy for you but pozh not bow me I the truth do not know the answer at me a bad note on mathematics in a quarter these 2 tasks
Make please the last the equation only with smesheny fraction it under management
The distance between the first and second cities of 256 km, between the second and third - is 38 km less. Between the third and fourth - is 48 km more, than between the second and third cities. 1. Between what cities distance the biggest? 2. Between what - the smallest?
In the house of 200 apartments. one-room are 20 pieces less than dvukhkomnatgy but is 30 pieces more than three-room. how many in the house of three-room apartments?
In two vegetable storehouses of 580 t of potatoes. In one of them on 100 t of potatoes it is more, than in another. How many tons of potatoes in each vegetable storehouse?
To calculate perimeter of a rectangle which width of 6 cm, and it is twice less than it are long
Insert the passed numbers and write down right equalities 2 minutes equally in a gap 1 hour the gap of minutes equally in a gap is equal 3 hours 1 hour is equal it is unknown seconds 2: 00 seconds are equally unknown one day is equal it is unknown one more year it is equally unknown months 1 hour 15 minutes is equal 3 minutes 5 seconds are unknown minutes 2 hours 10 minutes are equally unknown seconds it is equally unknown minutes
Tom paints a fence each board in white or blue color. in how many ways it can paint the first a) 3 boards b) 5 boards c) 5 boards if next have to be different HELP PLEASE colors!
Three boys have 6 pencils equally how many pencils at each boy. the condition as is written help please
Vitya waited for guests for birthday. Around a table put several stools and several chairs. Each stool had about 3 legs, and at each chair - on 4. Children occupied all chairs and stools, and it turned out that all legs - at chairs, stools and children - 49. How many children were at a table? Please explanation decision and answer!
Length of an arch, component 3/8 circles, is equal to 18.84 cm. Find the area 3/8 circles, limited to this circle. (to round number P to the 100-th).
Kogd from the first box shifted in the second 12 balls that quantity of balls in the second began to equal to a half of number of balls of the third box, and in the first is 18 balls less, than in the third. How many balls were in the first box if in the second there were 9 balls?
Resheniye task the speed of the freight train is at 40 km/h less than the speed of passenger. the freight train in 7 hours passes the same way as passenger for 4.2 h find the speed of the freight and passenger train
Find derivatives of the following functions. About the decision! a) y=5x³-2x b) y=2x³(x-1) c) y= (2x³-1) (5x+1) d) y= ∛ 3x+2
Search: Which 112% are equal to 56 4% " - " 0.8 How many % make 4.5 from 36 28 from 25