From units of milk 9 kg of cheese turn out. how many it is possible to make cheese kg iz1 and a moloa
From units of milk 9 kg of cheese turn out. how many it is possible to make cheese kg of 1 ton of milk?
Finish offers. if 28 more than 4 by 7 times that 4 less than 28 in... if 56 more than 7 by 8 times that 7... if 6 less than 30 by 5 times that 5 less than 30 in.... if 4 less than 12 by 3 times that...
Prompt urgently 1) the 7th +4 (x-2) & gt; 6 (1+3kh); 2) 2 (x-1)-3 (x +2) & lt; 6 (1+ x); 3) 7 (y+3) of-2 (y+2) & gt; 2 (5y+1); 4) 6 (3+5y) (-2+7y) & lt; 5 (4+3y); 5) 4 (3y-1)-3 (y-1) & gt; 2 (3+y);
A) On how many is longer; b) on how many the Spark car concerning the Matiz car is higher?
The farmer collected 3 c.60 kg. tomatoes. Spread out the fourth part of tomatoes in boxes on 10 kg. in everyone. How many boxes did it fill? How many kg. it did not spread out some tomatoes in boxes?
A) On how many is longer; b) on how many the Spark car concerning the Matiz car is higher?
Height of a box is 3 dm, length of a box is 6 times more heights, and width is at 2 dm less than length. Find room volume
Builders laid the gas pipeline of long 60 km. At the distance equal to 42 km. they stacked 420 m of pipes a day, and at other distance on 400 m a day. For how many days did builders lay the gas pipeline?
The following size of 8 cm of 24 h 40 kg of 16 square meters of 32 cubic decimeters On what number are given it is necessary to divide these sizes to reduce their two times Execute reduction twice each of these sizes Reduce Each of these sizes 4 times
From numbers-4;-0.5;3; 6; 7; 15 write out numbers which are solutions of a system of inequalities: {х> 3 [x ≥-1 [x< 25 [x≤4 {x≤10 [x< 7 [x ≥-5 [x ≥-8
52-24 CALCULATE.OBYASNI subtraction of a look ACCORDING TO THE PLAN, WORKING IN COUPLE. 1. I write... 2. I subtract units... 3. I subtract dozens....4. I read the answer.... help please.
In one shop the sofa costs 180 euros, and in the second 153 euros. Call a difference as a percentage! %%%
Numbering of pages in the book required 174 figures. Pages in the book are numbered with the second, and the last pages and 45 are not numbered. How many pages in the book.
That city in another between which distance is less than 300 km the train left. In three hours it needed to pass 45 more km. Estimate train speed. Please!
From 1 ton of milk 83 kg of cheese or 45 kg of oil On how many kilograms more cheese turn out than oils the 4th class will turn out from 20 tons of milk of Resha a problem in different ways help please
Calculate. Explain according to the plan, working in couple. 1 I write.... 2 I subtract units.... 3 I subtract dozens.... 4 I read the answer.... 63-25. 85-47
Uchenik took in library the book within 8 days he read a half of the book reading daily 12 pages to read the book to term he began to read daily 4 pages more for how many days the pupil took the book in library
1.) From 2 meters of fabric it is possible to sew 1 children's shirt. How many such shirts can be sewed from 46 meters of fabric? 2.) In 6 identical banks of 48 kg of oil. How many kg of oil in 8 such banks? All problems are solved by expression. Write a condition pzh too. I will give 32 b.
To find all values a, at each of which the general the solution of inequalities of y+2x & gt; an and y−x & gt; 2a also gt are solutions of inequality 2y − x; a + 3.
The pool contains 32760 liters of water. Two pumps filled the pool with water in 3 hours. One pump pumps up 90 liters of water a minute. How many liters a minute are pumped up by the second pump?
Make right equalities, using numbers: 96 6 16 Compare the answer to Mischa and Masha Rassuzhdaya's reasonings as Masha or Mischa, make equalities for numbers. 1) 6, 12,72 2)17, 5, 85 3)57, 3, 19 4)25, 3, 75 5)18, 54, 3 6)29, 3, 87
In the book there were 125 pages. In the first day Masha read 36%knigi, in second 5/8 (fraction) of the rest. How many pages needed to be read to Masha in the third day?
One party is equal in a rectangle 15, and diagonal is equal to 25. find the area of a rectangle
Transfer to decimal fraction number 41 / 20 63/40 23/25 101 / 111 17/50 31/50 3/23 6 whole 1/4 11 whole 4/25 3 whole 2/5 5 whole 3/8
Find triangle perimeter each party of which is equal to 4 cm. Execute 2 records of the decision ?
Prompt to me pzh, I do not manage to make a homework and I understand bloody nothing because I sit before one o'clock in the morning. (It is necessary to make all page)
For 5 h a way the car spent 45 l of gasoline, a raskhodiya in an hour identical amount of gasoline. At how many o'clock at the same norm of an expense will 63 l be enough?
In ABCD trapeze the basis of AD is more than VS basis on 5 cm. Find length of the piece connecting the middle of the bases if A=12 °, D=78 °
On 3 suits sewed as much big buttons how many small on 2 such suits. How many small buttons on one suit, if big buttons on it 6?
One city in opposite directions was at the same time left by two cars some speeded at 52 km/h and other 74 km/h at what distance from each other will be cars in 8 h?
Decide to find intervals of camber of a function graph and an inflection point of f (x) =x^4-3x^3+2x^2+x+4, please, for 25 points
The first is 60% more than the second. For how many percent vtoroyechislo it is less of first?
I ask, help! Solve please the equations of card 5 and 7. In advance many thanks! (Only to solve, I will draw itself)
Write down in the form of decimal drobi5 2/10, 6 71/100, 23 136/1000, 5/10, 23/100, 457/1000, 1 7/100, 12 35/1000, 8 3/1000, 42 11/10000, 7/1000, 14/10000. Tell me please
With how many zero does work 1*2*3*...*50 come to an end? A) 12. B) 26. C) 5. D) 18
Bought 2 kg 100 g of grain and poured out it in three banks. the first can of grain entered 3 times more than the second, and in the third to bank filled 500 g of grain. how many grain was filled in the first and in the second by banks?
Tell me! In 1 kilometer-1000 of meters. Find total length: 236 km. 627 m +1859km. 373 m 24 km. 720 m +95km. 360 m 58 km. 765 m + 125 km. 373 m.
Tell me please! I would give 50 Very urgently! At what values x function graphs are crossed by y = x^2+x and y = 12+2x √ (x-12/x)
Express: in decimal fractions 1) in meters: 5 dm, 5 cm, 59 cm, 21 mm, 9 dm 7 cm, 3 dm 5 cm 1 mm;., 2) in tons: 56 kg, 1561 kg, 4 c, 21 c, 9 c 28 kg
The grandmother and 5 grandchildren sat at a table. Briefly and accurately explain how the grandmother divided five cheesecakes between six participants of a tea drinking, without cutting any cheesecake on 6 equal parts? Accurately and step by step describe the answer.
Express: in decimal fractions 1) in meters: 5 dm, 5 cm, 59 cm, 21 mm, 9 dm 7 cm, 3 dm 5 cm 1 mm;., 2) in tons: 56 kg, 1561 kg, 4 c, 21 c, 9 c 28 kg
Tell me please With short record From 96 m of fabric sewed 6 identical curtains. How many such curtains can be sewed from 320 m of fabric?
Prompt to solve a problem of geometry for the 7th class A B Triangles of C (A B C =BC) the external corner at top in is equal 138 degrees Find a corner of C
The car passed 135 km. The first part of a way it speeded at 60 km/h, and the second - with a speed 80km/hour. What is the time left on a trip if for the first part of a way the car spent 0.5 watch more, than for the second?