1) From 2 cities the distance between which is equal to 280 km automobile and cargo cars left towards each other and met in 2 hours. What speeds of cars if car speed on 10km/h is more than the speed cargo 2) bought 3 kg of bananas and 2 kg of grapes which were 3 times more expensive than bananas. Paid 360 rub for all purchase. What price of bananas. 3) Tourists passed a route in 48 km in 2 days. In the first day they passed 10 km/h less than in 2. How many there passed tourists (HELP URGENTLY it is NECESSARY I ASK)
The mass of 2 suitcases is equal to the mass of 2 identical backpacks and bags. Learn the mass of a suitcase if the mass of a backpack of 8 kg and mass of a bag of 4 kg. Help with the decision and with a condition. Please! I give 15 points.
Make a task of the table the price - 76 rub of 49 rub quantity-? equally cost of 684 rub only?? find different ways of the decision
& lt; p> Preparing vegetables for the winter the hostess bought 140 kg. potatoes, and carrots 7 times smaller. On how many kg. more potatoes were prepared? & lt;/p>
HELP I ASK! The seamstress has to sew daily emblems to 150 undershirts and perform all work in 6 days. But it exceeded the daily plan for 30 undershirts and finished work before term. For how many days did the seamstress perform all work?
In each cage 4*4 there is an integer from 1 to 16 (everyone on time). For the course it is possible to specify any set of cages and to learn what numbers in them (without specification what cage what number occupies). Whether it is possible to learn with guarantee what numbers where stand, a) (4 points) for 4 courses; b) (5 points) for 3 courses?
Ukladchitsa packages in packages 60 kg of a fruit candy, on 2 kg in each package. It already spread out in 10 packages. How many kg of a fruit candy it needed to package.
Make please the last equation only with smesheny fraction it a napisyna
SROCHNOOOOOOO! EXPRESS IN THE SET UNITS OF TIME: 2CH 50MIN = ____ MIN. 250MIN = ____ H ____ MIN. 1MIN 40 SEC. = _______ S. 140 SEC. = ______ MINES _____ WITH
At the squared field one of the parties is equal to 30 m. A half of the field is sowed by oats, and other half - wheat and a rye. Wheat occupies 600 sq.m, and a rye - the one sixth part of all field. What length does the fence fencing all field have to be?
A) (2 points) two Play, go in turn. 2 columns, in everyone on 11 minuses are written. For the course it is possible to cross out any number of minuses in any column (but not in two at once). The one who cannot make the course loses. Choose what to you to go (the 1st poured the 2nd), and win two times in a row against the teacher. b) (4 points) the Same, but it is allowed to cross out on minus in two columns. c) (2 points) Who will be able to play (1st or 2nd) so that to iobespechit to itself a victory (how the rival played) in Paragraph a)? d) (4 points) And in Paragraph b)?
How many exists various triangles which parties are measured by the whole chtsl of centimeters, with perimeter of 12 cm
Kogd tourists passed 7 km 800 m, they needed to pass at 2 km 400 m more, than they passed. To find distance which there have to pass tourists.
The value of the sum of three numbers is equal to 94. It is known that the first is 18 less than the second, and the third is 4 more than the second. Find numbers
X in a square divided into X in a square minus nine exactly twelve minus X divided into X in a square minus nine
the first part of a way the train went with a speed of 60 km/h, the second part of a way - 5 h with skorostyyu70 km/h for what time the train passed all way. equal 900 km.
In a corridor of kindergarten stood two-wheeled and Katya counted tricycles that wheels-18, and wheels-7 how many was two wheel bicycles
Read the set numerical intervals: 1) (7;15) 2) [5;5] 3) (6;+ ~) 4) (-~; 9) 5) [2;+ ~) 6) [0;+ ~)
In 8 min. the plane flies by 96 km. In 40 min.-? its speed if its speed increases by 2 km. mines?
As are located on a coordinate line of a point And (a) and B(b) if and b there is less? Esli 0 more b?
Solve a problem: from two settlements between which distance of 50 km, at the same time in opposite directions there were 2 pedestrians. speed of one 3 kmch, another 4 kmchas. what distance will be between them in 2 h?
Brought 100 kg of carrots. When cleaning the waste made 1/50 all mass. Cleaned packaged in identical packages and laid in boxes: in the first 40 packages, and in the second and third in 30 packages. What is the mass of carrots equal in each box to? (Express the mass of the peeled carrots in grams.
To insert into number windows so that the difference remained. an equal-sign izmenilmya on знак< .sdelay two record.41+? =41+?
8 calfs and 5 sheep ate 835 kg of a forage. During all the time each calf was given at 28 kg of a forage more, than a sheep. How many forages were eaten by each calf, how many each sheep?
URGENTLY HOW TO PAINT EXAMPLES ON ACTIONS: 23*4= _____________ 78: 3= _______________
Two crews need to asphalt 3 km of the road. The first crew asphalts 120 m of the road a day, and the second - is 60 m more. For how many days will asphalt 3 km of the road both crews if work together?
Find the volume of a rectangular paralelipiped which length of 21 cm and width is 3/7 lengths and 30% of height. Solve a problem URGENTLY
Solve in detail please 10 points a)-0.6*2.4-6.4*(-0.3) - (-8.4)*(-2.4) b) (36.1+2.9*(-3.8)): (-5.7) +2.5
The room fly flew by 140 dm from speed of 20 dm/page what is the time she flew?
The bus went 180 km in 4 hours for what time the car which speed is twice more will pass this distance
At fifteen triangles and quadrangles 53 corners. how many triangles? How many quadrangles?
The pupil, preparing for examinations, planned to solve daily 12 tasks, however he solved every day 4 tasks bigger, and in 3 days prior to examinations he needed to solve 8 tasks. How many days did the pupil prepare for examinations?
1) In a small can there were 3 l of milk, and in big-35 l. On how many liters of milk it is more in two big cans than in 15 small.
12 tractors with an identical power can plow the field for 88 h how many it is necessary tractors to plow the same field only for 33 h
The freight train passed 315 km. It was in way to a stop 3 hours and after a stop 4 hours. How many km did the train to a stop and how many later pass if it went with an identical speed?
2 kg of flour will leave 3 kg of baked bread. How many bread will leave 1 c of flour? from 1 t of flour
The joiner has 185 sticks. Of 7 sticks he can make a toy case, of 10 sticks – the car, of 20 sticks – the ship. The ship costs 25 coins, the car – 12 coins, and a case – 8 coins. What greatest number of coins can the joiner earn?
In a basket there were 15 apples of pears 7 smaller and having merged so many how many apples and pears together how many were having merged
300 t of fuel are prepared. In January spent 27200 parts of this fuel, and in February 39200 parts. For how many tons of fuel did spend in February more, than in January? From a piece of matter cut off at first 30 m, and then 20 more m. What part of a piece of matter remained if all piece makes 80 m? Help PZh!
Marat bought the book on five seventh the money which is available for him. He osatsya 50 tenges. How many money did Marat have originally?
Children! help it is urgently very necessary, 2 hours I puzzle. Number 1156. Thanks in advance to you huge!))))
The first part of a way the train went with skorostyyu60 km/h, the second part of a way - 5 h with skorostyyu70 km/h. for what time the train passed all way equal to 900 km
Whether classification is correct: the set of letters of the Russian alphabet breaks into subsets of vowels and consonants
At first the goods price at rose for 10%, And then its new price fell by 10%. Whether the goods became cheaper or more expensive than it to initial cost?
Write down the equation a difference 14648 and unknown number it is equal to the work of numbers 54 and 48