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The boat having the speed of 3 m/s floats at an angle 30 degrees in relation to the coast, the speed of the river is equal to 4 km/h. To determine boat speed concerning the coast. ​
Whether it is possible to consider the train of long 150 m as a material point when determining time for which it would pass the distance equal of 3 m ​
Please consider to solve a problem of N 1 in physics ​
Describe each condition of matter separately of the physicist ​
Measurement of temperature in Tselsiya's degrees and Fahrenheit in what their difference and than they are similar? To write the message
Please consider to make task 28
To describe by means of five offers the wetting phenomenon ​
To Côme Legche? А: 1B: 2B: Odnakovo: nemozhlivo v_dpov_st
in what isoprocess there live living organisms
what substances is called conductors give examples
Attached to cargo weighing 200 g one end a spring 5 cm long and began to lift for other end this cargo with acceleration of 2 m / с2 up. What the rigidity of a spring is equal to if its length at the same time became 6 cm.
On the drawing it is given graf_k zalezhnost_ to a way, passed avtomob_ly v_d to hour. Viznachete shchvidk_st to Rukh avtomob_lya on kozhn_y d_lyants_ that serednyu shvidk_s yoga to Rukh?
write shcho sp_lny m_zh models of atom of Thomson and Rutherford ​
208. Ploshcha Franz і ї dor_vnyu є 544,000 km, shcho on 94,000 km a b_lsheza to a ploshch Shvets і ї, a yak on 154,000 km of a mensh v_d ploshch_ Ukra§ni. Square k_lometr_v become Sk_lki Ukra§ni's ploshcha? ​
Viznachte a pole of a dzherel to a strum in fig. 5.
As the physics is connected with the equipment the small abstract
Please count please!! number 3.2 and 3.7
finish a phrase: "If a body, then it absorbs energy more... "? ​
Transfer 20 m/s to the Si system
Types of a heat transfer and their feature
From the hose lying on the earth, bët at an angle 30 ° to the horizon water with an initial speed 10m/page. The cross-sectional area of an opening of a hose is equal to 2 cm². Determine the mass of a stream, airborne. Density of water of 1000kg/m³.
why broun did not see a molecule?
Bucket volume — 10 l. How to learn how many buckets are contained by an aquarium which length — 30 cm, width — 30 cm and height — 40 cm? Answer: bucket (buckets). (Round the answer to the tenth!) Please count pzh!!! urgently
The thermodynamic system consists of two bodies. Temperature of one of t1 bodies. What is temperature of other body equal to if the system is in a condition of thermodynamic balance? SOLUTION FIND IS GIVEN NA task AND
Please count PLEASE! The task needs to be solved completely by rules taking into account check of dimension and the correct registration. What will be mix temperature if to mix 600 g of water at 80 degrees from 200 g of water at 20 degrees? In my opinion it is solved the equation of thermal balance
The train moved on rise with an average speed of 60 km of h and on descent its average speed was 100 km of h. Determine the average speed of the train on all the site of a way if it is known that than the podjyomapozhaluyst consider descent twice longer I BEG 100 points I GIVE
Minuses of thermal power plants
What particles pass when rubbing shovky a glass stick
What substances are called conductors? ​
1.2 l of N(He) He = 3×10^22 p = 10^5 are given V = to find Ek
continue a phrase: If the body radiates energy it is, more, than absorbs, then it... ​
the yak to finish shcho insignificant Stalevy tsvyakh znaydeniye you on berez_ a rate of namagn_cheniye yakshcho vi not to a ma¾ta of a greedy metaleft subject ​
What position will be reached by the mobile solenoid concerning a magnet when passing on the current solenoid? What will happen to the solenoid if to change the direction of current? Direction of lines of magnetic field?
If n-the relative index of refraction, then the angle of refraction of a light bunch is twice less than a hade, under a condition..... ​
Sk_lki at 3 rok_v times hvilin that seconds
Vërtolet moves with a speed of 18 km/h up. At the height of 750 meters the wheel comes off. For what time it upadët on the earth?
Why the physics is considered a basis a basis by technicians explain the answer on examples
Define poles of it you elektromagnitaobyasnit please how to learn where S and where N
Please count please very much it is necessary ​
Urgently Please count!!! What is a frame with current?
PEOPLE I BEG PAMAGITE! I GIVE 18 points!!! Heating of the private house requires 8 500 W electric heaters everyone working round the clock. Each mass of household gas is required for heating of the same house within 1 month if to pass to gas heating? Specific heat of combustion of household gas of 32000kdzh/kg. Consider that in one month 30 days. The answer in kg. Please count, please.
What substances are called conductors? give an example
explain the moment of pair of forces operating on a frame with current ​ on the example of a car wheel
The stone is thrown horizontally with a speed 10m/page. To find the radius of curvature of a trajectory of a stone through t time = 4s after the beginning of flight
The 9th class Please count the physicist