What were the chief ideas of Karl Marx?
What are centripetal forces and centrifugal forces present in Belgium?
What are the causes of cultural change?
What can we learn from social science today?
What did they call a group of people who made laws in Colonial times?
What is "break of bulk point" and why is it important when studying the concept of industrialization.
What are Belgium's key types of agriculture and top five agricultural imports and exports?
What are the basic principles of utilitarianism and libertarianism?
What attitudes and ideologies help you understand the problems homosexuals face?
What is attachment theory?
What is an example of secondary data analysis? Why might we use it? What are the pros and cons of using it?
What is an agreement or contract made among a group of people?
What are the advantages of a federal constitution?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of studying educational psychology?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of governmental involvement?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of development?
What are the acute differences between Direct and Indirect election?
What are 12 components of non-verbal communication?
Do we need freedom? To what extent do we need it?
I want conduct a study on how schools and classrooms kill the creativity of a child, how they draw boundaries for children due to the way of teaching. I want to discuss why schools don't give freedom...
Venkatapuram, S. (2010). Global justice and the social determinants of health . Ethics and International Affairs, 24(2).             1. What is the main point?  What do you find...
"a value-free sociology is impossible to achieve and would be undesirable anyway." How valid is this assertion?
In utilitarianism what is a "utility monster," and what is the general concern that the idea of the utility monster brings to light?
True or False:A respondent refers to a relatively small number of people selected to represent a sample, which is the entire group of interest.
Why do people move from rural areas to cities?
Do today's music, fashion, and TV/movies challenge and change the social norms in the same way that music in the 1960s influenced people to change the social norms?
Think of incidents or cases you read about in the newspaper, saw on television or incidents that took place in the classroom or an accident you experienced in your days at your school. This should be...
Can you please suggest a good thesis statement for my project? My project is about the effects of terrorism on the education sector in Pakistan.
If there is new fad that decreases the demand of a good, how could you amend the issue only involving the price?
Are there any "perfect societies" in our world?
Substantiate the claim that culture is an instrument in the process of gender construction.
Is South Africa a nation-state, a multinational state, or a multi-state nation?
Some political scientists argue that social capital is disappearing. What is social capital?
Some foreign countries censor or ban the television show, Game of Thrones,because of the intense violence and sex and they fear it will incite violence, or rebellion among their citizens. Provide an...
Thoughts on the following statement?"The society in which we presently live has redefined ethics in such a way that it is separate from morality. This separation of ethics from morality decreases...
"Social inequality is the elephant in the room strangling us all." Please explain what this means.
"Social development in Uganda is more of a myth than reality." Can you justify this statement?
Should capitalism be replaced with true communism?
Is there good research evidence which supports the usefulness of criminal profiling?
As price increases what happens to quantity people are willing to buy?
Please explain if there are any other tools, besides interest rates, that can be used to influence the supply of money, inflation, and deflation.  Also, explain why these other tools are not used as...
Pick the change that is NOT unique to entering formal operations.(A) being able to logically argue both sides of an issue(B) being able to approach problems scientifically(C) being able...
Is patriotic behavior rational?
The past decade has seen a decline in prices of smartphones. At the same time, the use of paid smartphone applications as a new entertainment tool has grown rapidly in popularity. Explain how a...
Is Pakistan is a example of multi-party system?