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Data on the reserve "Black lands ". Well where is, width, length of the reserve and why so called it. (To learn in any way how many examples of animals pzh), etc. Please it is very necessary.
All interesting about the Black Sea
Where the Polar bear, an idler, a panda,-point a bear on these two hemispheres is?
Why water could not exist without the atmosphere
that grow up in mountainous areas the Areas of Caucasus edible
As it is easy to ride a bike
how do animals adapt to the habitat?
What sharks live in the sea around Scotland?
according to the drawing instruction make the filter of special paper. miss the polluted water via the filter. what you observe
it is necessary to pick up the Russian proverb at mountain tops of pride wisdom water does not keep
information on the reserve Rostov
Please consider to think up please the message on a subject One day from jerboa life
write about one of minerals of Perm
formation of healing waters is connected with this property of water. Water - r... in..... whether.
How did adapt zhivotnyek to desert conditions? They have thick skin, in the Afternoon they are closed in sand, eat at night. They can long do without water. They receive necessary moisture, plants are eaten.
urgently Answer all questions I give 10 Points I will sign Thanks I will put and better I will put the answer!!!
electricity in the nature and life, the mini composition
Please count! the report on a subject emergence of life on the earth
Find in additional literature, the Internet of data on those plants and animals stepikotory you were interested prepare the message! Many thanks zaranye! Srochno!!!
urgently Answer questions on everything
main data on the surface of the Kostroma region
Environmental problems of Kursk region
what value world maps for development of knowledge of the earth had
Division of mixes: GlinaSaharZhedeznyy and wooden shavings
EhhhPozhaluysta poschitaytechto to do? If I did not learn knowledge mirano tomorrow of the father-in-law probably 2 I will receive
Please consider to give the report on a subject, Look in the mirror
Mount Elbrus, it is desirable shortly
who in the first created the Yazidi alphabet
Please count please, thanks in advance. The story about animals who live in Sochi
who treats Amphibia
in what natural zone do reindeers live?
rock salt is a mix of salt and sand. Offer how it is possible to separate salt and sand from this mix? Use the drawing in the help
Write what well-known meta sights of Moscow you know
Environmental protection of Kursk region.
what animal lives only in the steppe
project of a profession "engineer " the 2nd class
the short composition on a subject reserved zones of the Smolensk region
to tell about the zodiac sign a Sagittarius
To the Chuvash proverbs it is necessary to pick up Russian (synonyms) In days schastsya be it is clean heart, in days of a grief be firm a serdtsemna mountain tops of pride water does not keep you mudrostiimet friends - is deep as Volga; you have no - a piece of chalk as a pool. Thank you in advance!!!
To make the story about a snowdrop.
Please count the 9th task!!!
Please count urgently! Story about an animal according to the plan. 1) Name. 2) Size. 3) Form. 4) Coloring. 5) What covered a body? 6) What bodies nakh-sya on the head? 7) Whether there is a tail? 9) Sounds. 10) It is protected.
Write the mini composition
children Please count pzh the dog whines howls is nagged and the stomach as a stone goes and blyuyot everywhere for dinner the dog was given a dry feed with beef Please count to a dog painfully